About the I-75 Central Corridor Coalition

The purpose of the I-75 Central Corridor Coalition is to foster the exchange of ideas among the members, the constituent communities, and the public; to provide a medium for the expression of aims and aspiration of the people of the communities that will reflect their best thinking and planning; and to provide an agency through which citizens and organizations may voluntarily put their energies and resources to accomplish these goals.

Smart growth includes sustainable and environmentally sensitive economic development. It includes using existing buildings and infrastructure to create neighborhoods that area attractive for living and working, and doing it in a fiscally responsible way so that they are affordable. It means providing a variety of transportation choices, including walking, biking, driving, and inter-city and intra-city mass transportation. It means promoting the civic, educational, and social life of the constituent communities.  Our vision is for the I-75 Central Corridor to become the most walkable and transit-served corridor in the South.

Current priorities for the I-75 Central Corridor Coalition include:

  • Working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to mitigate congestion in the corridor.
  • Supporting the development of passenger rail services between Macon and Atlanta.
  • Coordinating smart growth that improves the regional economy.